Why, Who & What?

It is important to know why you want a website and who your target audience is. Who do you want to attract to your website? Write down a few ideas...

Once people visit your website, what do you want them to do? Sign up to your mailing list? Buy a product or service? Read your blog? Write down a few more ideas....


Now you know Why, Who and What, you need to know How?

How are you going to encourage your target audience to do this?

What type of features do you need on your website?

Forms, Sign Ups, A Blog, A Gallery, Sliders, Video, Social Media Feeds, Product listing, Ecommerce and so it goes on.

Think about what you like in terms of design

Also consider how you want your website to look on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. You do need to take ownership and like your website, but importantly, you are building a website to attract YOUR audience, not you. So have a look around at other websites, see what is appealing, see what works. And you've guessed it, write it down.

Update your own website

Another benefit of having website built on the WordPress platform is that it has CMS (content management system) ie, you can update it yourself, add pages, text, photos - pretty much any content. If you are reasonably au fait with software or used to using online social networking sites like Facebook, then you will probably be able to use the CMS system without too much stress - but not everyone can. If you are not one of life's IT whiz-kids, then we can update your site for you on £ph basis.

Cost... or investment as we like to think of it 😉

Websites range from basic set ups with just 7 or 8 pages which are just information based with contact forms to multi page sites including hundreds of product pages with multi media.

It is difficult to cost without a clear specification, but a basic set up with 7 or 8 pages will start from £450 to build. This includes the care plan and hosting for the first year. Domain name registration and email accounts are separate. Following years continue from as little as £150 per year for the care plan and hosting if you wish to continue using it.

Build & Learn - If you wish to use the Build and Learn package (which includes a Hosting and Care Plan for the first year, then costs begin at £550 and then from £150 per year after that for the Hosting and Care Plan if you wish to carry that on.

Now What?

Now once you have had a think and a bit more of a scribble down, contact us and we can start your new project.

Not everyone likes writing things down, so if this has left you feeling confused then contact me and I can talk this through with you instead.



Make contact and I will get back to you to find out a bit more about your present online positioning and aspirations for the future.

I will only work with people who want to work with me. You wont get  the 'hard' sell or streams of sales calls.

Make Contact

Marie Claret will close on 30th September

Marieclaret Marketing

After 18 years of building websites, Marie Claret will close for business on 30th September 2018.
All work with Wordpress sites, updates and development will be handed over to David and Debbie at WP Cornershop.
Thank you to my clients who have supported me over the years, many of whom I now consider friends.