Facebook vs Website

Why not just use Facebook?

For most businesses a Facebook page is not a replacement for a website. Facebook has a different style to it, different functions and a different audience mindset much of the time.

Occasionally  there are people whose business, at the current time, may not necessitate a full website - perhaps a young start up businesses working on a person2person scale  with no funding for a full online presence. Facebook, for them, is a good toe dipping solution. Further down the line, sure of their business' direction, they can invest further.

A God-given right to visitors?

People sometimes seem to think a website will automatically bring business - not if the business is not wanted or marketed to the right audience. Sadly I have known of people who have heavily invested in a big budget website  (not with me I hasten to add) and then twelve months down the line the business has folded. Did they research their product or service thoroughly in the beginning?

Investment that works for you

A good website is an investment and should be treated as such ; a growing, evolving representation of your business that will work hard for you if you look after and care for it.

Do you need direction with your online media presence?

Make contact and I will get back to you to find out a bit more about your present online positioning and aspirations for the future.

I will only work with people who want to work with me. You wont get  the 'hard' sell or streams of sales calls.

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Marie Claret will close on 30th September

Marieclaret Marketing

After 18 years of building websites, Marie Claret will close for business on 30th September 2018.
All work with Wordpress sites, updates and development will be handed over to David and Debbie at WP Cornershop.
Thank you to my clients who have supported me over the years, many of whom I now consider friends.