Why Use WordPress



Over 28% of websites on the net are powered using the WordPress. Worpress powers over 50% of all websites which use content management systems.

Your website will be built on the fundamental basis of Future Proofing - meaning when html6 and css 4 come you don't have to scrap your website and start again.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is important to most businesses relying on being ranked by the large search engines such as Google, and WordPress presents good SEO options if you want to automatically add titles and description tags to your site.

If you need to be convinced further, take a look at the 40 biggest businesses now using the wordpress platform.


Over 60% of websites are now built using CMS (content management systems). This means that as the client you can log in and update/add to/ delete information from your own website.

Your website can grow with your requirements

WordPress is constantly evolving with the market and with the expectations customers have. Plugins (little add ons which offer new functionality) act as little building bricks. As your website requirements grow you can use these additional features. Ecommerce is important to many website builds and using excellent add on platforms such as WooCommerce (now owned by WordPress) creates a process which is a well-oiled machine.

Fancy a change?

Another great opportunity when using the WordPress platform is that you can change the style / design of your website without having to totally scrap all the information and images already on your pages. WordPress allows you to redress / re-brand which gives your pages a brand new look... without investing anything like the cost of starting again!

Streamlining Your Business

As your business grows you may want to consider other avenues such as increasing the business flow to your website using ad words. WordPress gives the flexibility to create great purpose built landing pages for all of your adverts so that you can ensure you get the best response from your advertising budget.

Now you are ready to take up this great opportunity...

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Marie Claret will close on 30th September

Marieclaret Marketing

After 18 years of building websites, Marie Claret will close for business on 30th September 2018.
All work with Wordpress sites, updates and development will be handed over to David and Debbie at WP Cornershop.
Thank you to my clients who have supported me over the years, many of whom I now consider friends.